Tuesday, November 25, 2008

larry williams' book finished

folks, i've finished reading larry williams' SUPER-INTERESTING & FUNNY-TO-READ & HELPFUL 4 MY TRADING & REALLY-GREAT BOOK 'long-term secrets to short-term trading' today, i hope it will improve my trading results significantly :o))

well, the last thursday was really the market bottom in commodities + stocks (at least temporary :) ... well, the margin call 'arrived' and my positions were liquidated as my account was too small for thursday's intraday move-down :o(( ... except orange juice are all other positions (sugar, gas, coffee) much, much higher today :o(, ... my new funds didn't arrive today and i expect them tomorrow which is soooo late as i've missed the huuuuuge market recovery ... especially my no. 1 trading item (silver) which was stopped out @9.24 last week, reached 10.60 today ... but without me :o(((

well, luck is also a (significant) part of the game :o))

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