Tuesday, January 6, 2009

re-entry in silver + coffee & my fantastic wife

folks, this market volatility makes me crazy and my account also :o). are all that guys out there completely stupid? do they sell their positions on smallest market noise and do they buy them back when their hope is back again? are they not able to decide whether they wanna go long or short and stick to their decission? .... oooops, they do act like me :o)). do u think they also have low funded margin accounts and they also cannot afford to allow their positions to run against them for too long? hell, i hate that crazy-volatile-markets!

mr. market, pls plan your movements and fullfill your plan and pls DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND LIKE A GIRL CHANGES CLOTHES!

(i've stolen that line from katy parry's song hot n cold BUT i didn't steal the next line 'you PMS like a bitch, i would know'! why not? otherwise i had to start calling mr. market old lady bitch instead, this evil dirty ms. stock-exchange! well, i just steal from the best :-)

just a small example of today's moves of mr. market:

silver in the early morning: 11.70
silver in the early afternoon: 10.54 (folks, it is UNBELIEVABLE -9.91%)
silver in the late evening: 11.25 (it is 6.74% higher again!)

well, my silver long position was stopped out at 10.88 with profit of 1 usd (it is really just one usd). it is somehow pitty as there was already a theoretical profit of $83 in the early morning hours. well, that's trading, that's life ... few hours later i have opened a new position @ 10.83 after i've got a feeling that the bottom was behind us and the recovery is strong enough to proceed further :o)

btw, one of the reasons for that crazy drop in silver price was the much stronger usd (compared to its small corrupt paper buddy €uro), but don't worry, the coffee market acted nearly the same way:

opening: 110.6
high: 111.4
my long position stopped out: 106.3 (=> loss of $20)
low: 105.9 (hell, that's pretty close to my stop limit, isn't it?)
my re-entry: 107.3 (incl. spread + broker's commission)
close: 108.5 (=> current fictitious profit of $12)

what was my result of the trading day today? my broker's software tells me that thx to natural gas + sugar i've made €25.04 ($34.09). better than nothing, isn't it? before i left my trading platform for cinema my account balance was -50€. then i've watched with my fantastic wife the highly interesting but sad movie AUSTRALIA about the poor aboriginies in the WWII era.

... hmmmmmm, u would like to know why did i mention my wife is so fantastic, wouldn't u? well, there are more reasons and at least one of them is trading related => she doesn't complain too much about all that money i've lost on trading/investing in 2008 and she also agreed on investing additional €12,824 in precious metals stocks in the last few weeks [~approx. $17,000]. isn't she great? well, she is :-)

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jaro gruber said...

folks, after i've told u all my emotions about these crazy markets out there, i feel much better now :-)