Friday, January 30, 2009

+5.57 % today ... folks, it's crazy!

yeah! that kind of market is the one my portfolio likes! gold/silver rising + my stocks soaring!!! what about the general stock market? the downsizing process continues week after weeeek <=> today next 2% decrease => dow jones industrial average again bellow 8,000 points! do you still believe in the buy-and-hold-strategy for blue chips?

what does all that mean? hmmmm, i think it means that people do not longer believe in the stupid over indebted western governments + their corrupt dirty central banks + their overstressed printing presses + ... + (finally) don't believe in paper money produced out of thin air! welcome to the next monetary reform which will wipe off the already unpayable western debts and (as always) destroy the middle class. well, that is our bill for our stupidity for voting sooo incompetent politicians for sooo long!

hell, my over all balance is still highly negative -49.60% ;o((. but it is improving strongly week after week since last november :o). chakha!
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