Tuesday, March 3, 2009

armageddon 4 my portfolio ;(

folks, folks, folks ...
... i've proved it again: i'm the worst market timer ever!

i have to remind jim rogers about his false believes concerning this issue :-). why? in 5 of 6 cases when i had big amounts of cash 4 investing i've jumped into the markets just hours/days before significant stock/commodity crashes :o( may 2007, march + july + october 2008, february 2009). damned hell !!! at least my shopping orgy november/december 2008 was an excellent buy from market timing perspective ...

ps: my portfolio is -6.32% today
pps: my last big purchase excess would cost about 10% less today than it has 3 days ago :o((. PATIENCE, where have u been last friday? and where yesterday? folks, my soul is so freaking doomed!
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