Saturday, March 7, 2009

PPT still alive!

folks, did you notice the hard work of the plunge protection team yesterday?

it's unbelievable! we were 30 minutes before the weekend and before incalculable overnight-risks, the DJIA have rapidly broken its multi-years-lows to the downside, the employment market data becomes worse from 1 week to the next, the horror news from the banking sector continues floating the markets like if there were some monstrous assembly line behind ... and what happened next? well, the DJIA futures shoot up as if that was the last buying opportunity for the next 5 years ;-)). DJIA not just 'corrected' it's huuuuge daily losses, it also closed @ +0.49% and moved also other market indexes into the winning range, just for the nasdaq100 came that crazy buying rally a little bit too late, nasdaq100 closed @ -0.91% yesterday

bravo PPT! congratulations! you could 'rescue' the wall street (& thus the whole financial world) a week longer ...
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