Thursday, March 12, 2009

o tempora o mores!

- financial markets like crazy bazaars: 7% up one day, 3% down next, 4% up again! hmmm, double digit volatility in soooo many single stocks => is it the complete craziness out there?

- folks running amok in usa => 11 death in alabama yesterday :o((

- folks running amok in germany => 17 death in stuttgart yesterday o(

- utter mockery in my office today! the employee management process turns after recent hostile takeover by a neighboring department into a complete farce! who is the last out of 5 people who will be forced to leave the current job and move in the new boss' team? is that me? all indications show it should be an older colleague of mine, but there is a small problem: he is not able to do the programming jobs in the new department ;o((. damned hell, can anybody tell me, why do some colleagues like him (who have been lucky enough to reach a higher salary group few years ago) earn 1,000 €uros more than me each month? and why got they double as high salary increase just because of their group membership this year? even when they can do just 1/3 or 1/2 of all tasks in our department?!? do you call that fairness? is it the axiom 'same money for same job' or prolly the next dimension in some super-duper employee motivation program @bmw? maybe even all of that? btw, will i also earn 1,000 €uros more if i convert to a lazy, incompetent employee? let's ask my boss next time! => quo vadis, BMW ???
05/14/2009 => if you thought the craziness @bmw is over you are wrong ...

oh the times! oh the customs!

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Anonymous said...

we have the same unfair income handling in my department.