Sunday, March 1, 2009

new funds invested in febraury & march 2009 :o)

folks, here we go!

part 1, stocks bought BEFORE my new funds arrived (6,512 €uros):
  • cardero resources (Fe)
  • coeur d'alene mines (Ag)
  • ECU silver (Ag)
  • excellon resources (Zn, Pb, Ag)
  • genco resources (Ag)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb, Au)
  • coral gold (Au)
  • bravo venture (Au)
  • coeur d'alene mines (Ag) - AGAIN !!!
  • bhp billiton (Fe, base metals, coal, oil, Mn, ...)
  • crescent gold (Au in Australia)
  • dundee precious metals (Au, Cu - new in my portfolio)
  • microsoft (software - new) - the company with the highest cash reserves in the world! $25 billion?
  • premier gold (Au - new) - wrong timing here as the stock shoot up 100% in the last few weeks. well, i had no free funds earlier. let's enjoy the company development anyway :-)
  • MAG silver (Ag)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb, Au) - AGAIN !!!
  • ECU silver (Ag) - AGAIN !!! one of the few still very cheap + not bankrupt junior explorers/producers
  • yamana gold (Au - new)
  • sterling mining (Ag)
  • paramount gold & silver (Au, Ag)
  • 1st majestic silver (Ag)
  • goldcorp (Au - new) - wrong timing here as the stock shoot up 100% in the last few weeks. well, i had no free funds earlier. let's enjoy the company development anyway :-)
  • endeavour silver (Ag)
  • kirkland lake (Au - new)
  • cbh (base metals)
  • franco-nevada corp. (resource royalty & investment - new) - wrong timing here as the stock shoot up 100% in the last few weeks. well, i had no free funds earlier. let's enjoy the company development anyway :-)
  • 1st quantum minerals (base metals - new)

part 2, casino trading (319 €uros):
folks, du u like casinos? no? i don't like them either, but i like to take some bets! well, i did wager between 55 and 120 €uros per trade hoping that following 5 highly bankruptcy endangered companies will rebound + multiply my stakes :o). well, i think if one company out of them survives it would balance the (total) losses of the 4 others. and if not? then it's also ok, it is just a game, you know? i still prefer to take some bets on the stock markets than to risk my money in casinos or spend it on pizza & porno as the crazy mogambo guru surely would. u2? (update january 2013) any lessons learned? well, it is very hard to make some money with bankruptcy endangered companies, many of them finally go bankrupt and the shareholders unlike creditors get nothing. in some other cases, like e.g. my 1,880 euros invested in novagold between december 2012 and february 2009 (see acquisitions part 3 below) it can work out fine. so this casino trading, my dears :-)
  • RBS (banking - new! folks, believe me, i do not believe in banking, stimulus packages, nationalization of industries etc. :o). this purchase is to some degree just a carneval joke! as i saw that stock in my seldom opened watchlist #2 today i LOL & couldn't stop laughing! i've invested 111 €uros and bought 400 shares just for the sake to participate in the current financial mess out there ;o) ~ (update january 2013) RBS is still alive, stock price advanced approximately by 50%
  • greenshift (clean energy, like RBS also highly bankruptcy endangered, my position and thus my overall risk is really low) ~ (update january 2013) bankrupt, stock price below broker's commission, one of my portfolio cadavers
  • sterling mining (Ag - established 1903, bankrupt 2009? well, i've bet €55 on their revival (=2,000 shares incl. commission), but without their (yesterday!) lost sunshine mine it will be very, very hard for them :-) ~ (update january 2013) sterling was taken over by a private company which changed its name to sunshine silver mines short thereafter. well, after many years of big nothing, in the end of 2012 there was some money paid to old sterling shareholders like me, probably because of some court decision, thus i have got 77 euros and thus made 15 euros profit on that trade after taxes + commisions => haha, could be worse :-)
  • qimonda (semiconductors - new) - 128 euros for 1,000 shares ~ technology leader + last european producer of some special kind of hardware chips ~ (update january 2013) bankrupt, stock price below broker's commission, one of my portfolio cadavers
  • hy lake gold (Au), 80 euros for 1,000 shares invested ~ (update january 2013) company is still alive but changed its name to West Red Lake Gold Mines, stock price is still at a bankruptcy level
part 3, stocks bought AFTER my new funds arrived (14,654 €uros):
  • novagold (Au) ... 1K €uros invested
  • scorpio mining (Ag + base metals) ... 1K
  • barrick gold (Au - new) - industry leader in gold production
  • kinross gold (Au - new)
  • silver wheaton (Ag)
  • bhp billiton
  • cardero resources (Fe) ... 1K
  • yamana gold (Au)
  • ETF renewable energy
  • newmont mining (Au)
  • MAG silver (Ag)
  • orko silver (Ag)
  • nanostart (nanotechnology) - i believe that nanotechnology is [besides to commodities & (renewable) energy] one of the favorite industries AFTER the 2008/2009-financial-crisis! do u still believe in banks & car makers?
  • ETF world water
  • q-cells (solar technology)
  • ECU silver (Ag)
  • endeavour silver (Ag)
  • goldcorp (Au)
  • eldorado gold (Au in Brazil, China, Turkey, Greece, and surrounding regions - new) - wrong timing here as the stock shoot up 200% to its all-time-high in the last few weeks. well, i had no free funds earlier. let's enjoy the company development anyway :-)
  • coeur d'alene (Ag)
  • tribune resources (Au - new)
  • 1st majestic silver (Ag)
  • impact silver (Ag)
  • levon resources (Ag, Au, Pb, Zn - new)
  • rocmec mining (Au)
  • cuervo resources (Fe)
  • adamus resources (Au - new) - gold in ghana, an idea from last year's resource conference in munich
  • silver standard resources (Ag)
  • pan american silver (Ag)
  • hecla mining (Ag)
  • crowflight minerals (Ni - new) - succesful nickel price hedging closed (2.97 million pounds nickel @7.74 USD per pound) with a net profit of more then 10 millions! all debts paid back and a lot of cash (2.5 m) added to their cash reserves. not bad, but it was not the last positive news release in the last 2 weeks! they also shipped the first nickel concentrate from their Bucko Lake mine near Wabowden, Manitoba. why is the stock price still near its all-time-lows? i don't know, i suppose the folks out there are paralyzed by fear (DJIA is currently @ multi-year-lows) and didn't recognize super-duper company developments anyway. they just look at the ticker for the common stock prices (DJIA, s&p500, nasdaq100) and pee in their pants from fear! let them act that way, my stocks need also buyers who jump into the markets at much, much, much higher levels ;o))
part 4, stocks bought AFTER my crazy, greedy mind settled a little + i've waited for an opportunity to get that stocks cheap (1,145 €uros):
  • miranda gold (Au)
  • avino silver + gold mines (Ag, Au)
  • amerigo resources (Cu, Mo)
  • minera andes (Ag, Au, Cu) => argentum in argentina? that's cool, isn't it? even much cooler is IMHO the fact, that rob mcewen recently increased his stake in the company to approximately 37.4% of the outstanding common shares. his purchase pricewas C$1, my about C$0.58 => ??? why did he paid so much above the current price in current market conditions? well, i hope i can understand it sometimes, maybe it is just a special gift to the company, who knows? well, as long as he uses just his own money it shouldn't be a problem, should it?
  • bmw (automotive) => i've bought just symbolic 2 common shares to provide me + my wife the possibility to vote and to speak @ general annual meeting in may because my employee shares are not entitled to vote :o(. well, there is sooo much i would like to tell the bosses & the shareholders of the company, let's see if i will apply for speeking @ AGM and get the possibility to do so in front of a huge audience :o)
  • xstrata (commodities) => purchase warrants exercised
well, my timing was far from perfect again as the gold/silver price and the corresponding stocks came down a lot in the late february & early march, but i'm for sure not a talented market timer and i do not have the patience for 'bottom fishing' anyway :o)
could i fulfill my investment plan? yep, i think so ;-). of course i've found few additional promising companies since then (adamus, q-cells, tribune, cuervo...) or couldn't get few others @ reasonable price in low-commission-land germany (minera andes), but there was just 1 major difference to my former plan: i've decided NOT to invest 10K into a silver-ETF because i'm not sure they really have the PHYSICAL silver and maybe are the gold/silver ETFs just an easy way 4 governments/central banks to confiscate the pretty centralized people's gold/silver, isn't it? therefore i've bought gold/silver stocks instead as i'm sure they will go up in price if gold/silver soar :o)
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