Wednesday, October 6, 2010

donner metals + overview of earth's base metals production

 + overview of earth's base metals production

next investor lunch event 2day => zinc, copper, gold, silver in queebec/canada => BONJOUR!

what abt my comments?
  • strong partnership with xstrata on their major project (35% donner, 65% xstrata)
  • feasibility study done
  • high institutional ownership
  • going step by step on their way into production
  • still need 2 raise approx CAD 35m in order to meet their agreements with xstrata. btw, wanna help out?
  • wanna look-up 'donner' in a german dictionary?
  • there is no danger of oversupply in the zinc market ...
  • forget the zinc recycling as well cos 2 expensive ... folks, thats 100% true, my father produced zinc out of some waste materials from steel galvanizing process in u.s. steel's factory in eastern slovakia few years ago (too much energy needed!)
  • copper oversupply possible if congo/zambia/etc calm down a little bit and re-start their economies in our lifetimes ... copper mines are huuuuge, can produce for hundreds of years ... copper recycling is easy ...
  • some geologic gibberish, i didnt understand a word, u should prolly better read wikipedia/donner's website instead of my claptrap in order 2 learn abt geology of mining, ok?
  • production + cash-flow should start in 2013
  • ...
  • any risks? yep, of course! drop in metal prices, xstrata goes bankrupt, the world goes under, they cant manage the CAD 35m financing, they sell too much of their silver/gold/copper upfront and the small dirty corrupt buddies @ fed/ecb/boe/boj print sooo much damned paper money that donners 'fixed' income is nothing compared to the production costs in the future ... or all of that!
  • as always, ive bought few shares, subscribed 4 company's newsletter, like it on facebook, ... this time i didnt wait for the presentation and bought my initial positions few weeks ago, u know?

what abt 2 more xstrata issues?

  • these swiss guys need donners property like crazy cos their nearby mine is going out of production in 2012 and so will their mill! 
  • lets hope my donner shares will perform at least as good as my xstrata shares i.e. +277,64% on average since december 2008 + march 2009

good luck, my lovely zinc/copper play, good luck :-)

ohhh, have already forgott, ive bought also few shares in UMG / united mining group, my next silver valley play! well, there is always some good information if u have so many buddies in the mining business, u know?

addendum: overview of earth's base metals production


jaro gruber said...

a great great great overview abt world's production of basis metals posted by my remote buddy tek on my IT-blog, please follow this link


jaro gruber said...

next investor lunch event 2day ~ Donnybrook Energy Inc ~

well, the donnybrook story was presented by both the donnybrook and donner director dave patterson => #jarobuys few more donner shares 2day cos they are still cheap like an unwanted pet => that investment stuff is as easy as that :-)