Sunday, August 19, 2012

butterworth, malaysia ~ the convenient city :o)

well, we didn't get a room in georgetown for tonight because of big muslim holiday/celebration due to the end of the ramadan fasting season .... so we have stayed in butterworth, the gate to the penang island (bridge + ferry) and yes, we haven't complained :-)

first of all, after so many days + nights spent in backpackers' stays on tioman island + kuantan + cameron highlands, we have enjoyed the luxury which a 100 €uros per night hotel 'sunway seberang jaya' provides here in SE asia .... and the city was a real positive surprise ... maybe because we didn't expect anything as there was not a single sightseeing point which our travellers' guide highlighted and we have been surprised by the convenience of this parts of butterworth we have seen:
  • port with ferry to georgetown + bus station + train station + bridge to penang are close to each other
  • in front of our hotel there was a (modern) temple street with following temples door to door: hindu, chinese buddhist, katholic church, thai temple, small hindu temple again, huge hindu temple under construction ... no mosque seen there but probably there was one in front of the first hindu temple :-)
  • mall in mall, so you could walk there and get (almost) everything at one place ... well, this mal in mall concept was misunderstood by my girls, they still walked 3 or 4 levels up and down ... and of course, mcdonalds, burger king, KFC, etc were also located in the food corner of 'our' sunway mall ...
  • little india and little china (chinatown) were parallel streets (= two different sides of one row of blocks)
  • ...
additional PICTURES and comments :-)
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