Friday, August 10, 2012

tioman island, malaysia

malacca => taxi => intercity bus => mersing => speed boat => tioman island (pulau tioman, malaysia) ... yes, it is really as easy as that, 6 or 8 hours later we arrived in complete different world ... here in the northern part of the island (~ salang) there are even no roads, no cars, just small ways for motorbikes witch transport all the things needed from A to B ... and yes, water taxi is everything unless you like trekking through the jungle to the next village as i did today in order to visit monkey bay 

well, now we are in the divers' paradise in the eastern malaysia - swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, watching the komodo dragon like lizards from the bridge over the (ugly + stinky) stream on our way to the beautiful beach, no rain season in the eastern part of the peninsula either ... komodo dragons? comodo? you still remember bali / indonesia 4 years ago, don't you?

btw, do you know what is the strangest thing out there? here is some tax free / islam restrictions free zone and e.g. beer costs only 30% what it costs in kuala lumpur or malacca => OMG, cheers :-)

OMG, komodo dragons ... nice  

some updates and pictures will follow soon, as for now here is the link to my tioman photo album

well, here it is so nice, do we really need to move to the cameron highlands or perhentian islands later on? who cares, let's visit the monkey beach first .... my dears, tioman is a really, really beautiful island and still so original = jungle + beaches + sea .... and you know what? it is even nicer underwater with all its coral reefs + colorful fishes ;-)

a corresponding underwater picture found at (source

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