Monday, August 27, 2012

koh samui, thailand

next stop after bangkok? koh samui, thailand .... well, we have landed at the island's nicest beach (due to some internet research) in chaweng and you know what? the water is not clear because of the current (monsoon) season and most of the day only knee deep, at its maximal peak is the water level only a little bit above my hip, if you want to swim, than you have to go miles before you will find deeper water, the airplanes are landing/starting right above our heads, there is a party most of the night in all these bars, cabarets, pubs, the local taxi driver mafia charges for a short few minutes drive more than we pay for 1 hour of thai massage on the beach (=> yes, i hate rigged markets and yes, the open market competition as in the massage area provides fair + reasonable prices for the consumers), everywhere folks trying to sell us some (mostly completely unneeded) stuff => WTF? yes, we will move to a different place on koh samui tomorrow :-)

chakka, the northern part of koh samui, the bo phut beach is much much much better than the eastern ramba-zamba-but-no-deep-water chaweng beach, thanks goodness ... and yes, our hotel 'lawana resort' even if not much more expensive than the previous one but much nicer + the people especially in the reception are also much much more friendly than in our chaweng stay 'the island resort & spa' :-)

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