Sunday, August 12, 2012

gorilla guru occupies monkey beach ;o)

jungle trip ...

well, here in the northern part of the island (~ salang) are even no roads to any other place on the planet (no cars either), so even my small visit of  monkey beach was a 45 minutes jungle trekking tour, you know? anyway, we have been few people there, most came by water taxi or as a part of they snorkeling trip by boat ...

to be honest, even that jungle trip was the main reason for me to go there, so of course i didn't miss that chance and yes, it was the nicest day for me in malaysia so far. don't worry, i wasn't alone all the time, there were many many mosquitoes, exes, butterflies and some homo sapiens over there :-)

monkey beach / monkey bay

btw, my daughter and one friend of her swam (snorkeled) to monkey beach from salang, it also takes approx 45 minutes, so its up to you which way do you choose ... water, earth or water taxi for the convenient of you :-)

monkey beach pictures
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