Saturday, August 18, 2012

cameron highlands, malaysia

what to say about cameron highlands? well, this alps like countryside in central malaysia was a real surprise for me ... both, on the positive and the negative side .... i have expected jungle + nature + tea plantations, unfortunately the first impression was industry + whole landscape filling farms (even 'tourist' strawberry + cactus farms in this wet wet wet and somehow cold region), block houses, destructed and even burning jungle, massive landslides etc ... damn, if you can, avoid entering the highlands via the brinchang city/village like we did by coming from the tin mining city ipoh and go directly to tanah rata, the main cameron highlands tourist center .... damn, to be honest i feel here more like in india or china than in malaysia, you know?

poor malaysia, poor world ... i fear, here in the cameron highlands i've seen how the mankind is going to destroy its own habitat first and suffer right after that next ...

mossy forest like in the lord of rings movie, isn't it?

more insights are posted as picture description in my picasa photo album ;o)
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