Friday, December 14, 2012

where is the GOLD? queen elisabeth knows for sure ;-)

one hundred trillion dollars? yep, the largest denomination currency ever issued. friends, i'm a trillionaire now, you know?
where the hell is the land of trillionaires?

zimbabwe's dictator mugabe needed approximately 10 years to destroy the switzerland of africa (rhodesia) and 'create' economic collapse + hyperinflation + poverty all over the country ... how much longer will need 'our' fiat money mafia consortium FED, ECB, SNB, BOE, BOJ and their small dirty buddies, our current politicians to do the same to our communities? any guess out there?

btw, does it make any sense to keep / save / heap up paper money? no, just ask the billionaires. they count on GOLD and they make sure there is all their GOLD, not any IOU papers, you know?
source: here

queen visits (audits?) the bank of england's gold reserves ... wanna see the video? here we go for gold (watch out, the link refers to mainstream media, thus some stupid advertisement comes first, the story second, next advertisement after that ... omg ;-()

btw, do YOU still believe in paper currency? don't be that stupid and yes, here are some reasons why you shouldn't waste any time and GO FOR GOLD :-)

what is the value of my one hundred trillion zimbabwe dollars? zero, of course. why? well, every paper currency finally returns to its intristic value, which is zero. just ask voltaire, my dears.

just in case you wonder where i've got that nice zimbabwe bill, it was a stark reminder of how bad things can actually get from my friends at my gold & copper exploration and royalties company, EurasianMinerals (EMX).

go gold bugs go and let's CRASH the fraudulent fiat money system NOW :-)

addendum january 2nd, 2013: folks, i have bought few more EMX shares as i have decided to sell part of my orko silver shares (recently taken over by first majestic silver) and put the money in companies where the story + fantasy isn't over yet ...


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