Thursday, December 20, 2012

think global, act local => #jarobuys local: data modul + KGHM (top world silver producer 2011)

even if i like nice 'cinderella' stories of small undervalued mining and exploration companies from all over the world, let's give the fat cats also their chance. my wife i.e. best of all wives is polish, so why not to include a polish company into my portfolio? especially a company, which mines in lower silesia (slansk, schlesien, sliezsko) we pass by on our trips from munich to lodz few times a year? what do you suggest, should i visit a mine (or the company museum) on our xmas trip to lodz on saturday? nope, not at our upcoming night trip, but maybe sometimes in summer.

dear KGHM polish copper, welcome to my portfolio. KGHM is not only one of the biggest copper producers in the world (#10 in 2011) but it is the single biggest silver producer in the world as well, just see the picture below. hmmmm, not bad for a by-product point of view, isn't it? although it employs 28,000 people it is still a relatively small company in terms of market cap with only approximately $9 billion. why so low? well, mr. market does not understand much about eastern europe, if you asked me :-). any other investment related topics? yes, there are at least two more: it is a partially state owned company (31.79% owned by polish treasury and 68.21? by other investors like me). what's the other issue? it is linked to the first one: KGHM pays fat dividends, often more than 50% of its profit. why? of course, 'the' state always needs money. that was an easy one, true?

top silver producers 2011

source: here

my 2nd purchase this week? data modul, my home town (munich) based high-tech company which produces displays, embedded systems, printers and the like ...

well, i had both companies on my watch list for a long time, but didn't had money to buy any shares, so i used my xmas salary payment from the end of november to finally add these 2 companies to my portfolio. of course, the price was much much higher than it would be after the summer market crash, but i do not worry too much about it as i know, that unlike the state i only can buy some stuff when i have the money to do so ...

good luck my two pretty portfolio fighters, good luck :-)

fino, a fat cat too


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