Friday, December 28, 2012


eat, drink, sleep, eat, drink, sleep, eat, drink, ...
when visiting family in poland, you have to eat a lot, especially at xmas, my dears :-)

the nicest shopping center in the world i have ever seen, manufaktura (more pictures). this time we decided to meet friends in its beer drinking temple with own brewery, the bavarian style pub bierhalle

the best of all wives

small sweet santa (more santa pictures)

any additional insights? yep, poland is not the cheap cheap country it used to be, many prices are very similar to prices we have in germany. we have been just 1 week here this time, so i couldn't see much economic change or much improvement since our last visit, but lets mention one very important issue to us: finally there is a new autobahn around the city of wroclaw, it always has been a nightmare to move forward through the old city roads paved with cobbles ... at least one positive and lasting impact of the european soccer championship which took place in poland and ukraine this summer ;-)

anyway, the shops + pubs + restaurants are full of people buying stuff, eating + drinking + laughing, the cinema we have been was almost empty .... let's hope the polish economy will develop fine and so will my recent polish investment, the copper + silver producer KGHM 
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