Sunday, December 23, 2012

santa santa ... merry xmas, dear friends :-)

friends, i have been fighting all the year for peace, freedom, democracy and thus against the system i.e. against the current paper money mafia, against the undustrial-military-complex, against the corrupt politics and the like .... well, there should be also some joy in life, isnt it? so let's enjoy your xmas and let's hope these santas will improve your mood 

source: here

or do you better like this santa?

(source unknown)

or this one? at least the gifts seem to be interesting :-)

(source unknown)

me + next santa ~ so small, so sweet ;-)

if your santa didn't show up, maybe that could be the reason ...

(source: Larry Wright, December 24, 2009)

you now what? why don't you look for yur own santa? just ask google

picture source

ok, i'll try to pre-select the query for you, enjoy and yes, after the result list opens, just chose picture menu  
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