Monday, June 17, 2013

demon hunting (in landsberg)

demon 'hunting' evening yesterday ... well, the best of all wives + myself joined a cracker-barrel with esoteric minded friends in landsberg am lech on the topics demons, souls, ghosts and how to encounter them ... damn, it was strange, my dears ;o)

nun breweries?
in the middle of nowhere?
provides a real home for the lonely souls?
hell, people always seek protection, you know?
don't stop at the old city gate, take your decision => in or out ...
 let take this sweet demon back home :-)

more pictures? here we go :-)

if you asked me, i would rather hunt different kind of daemons, for example the human ignorance, coldness, unconcern, missing empathy and the like ... why? because i do strongly believe that if people cared we wouldn't have so much sorrows, unfairness, poverty, wars etc in the world. just read what stuff i just found on twitter today:

wahr oder falsch? gerade auf twitter aufgegriffen:
Was die Deutschen in der #Mollath Affäre machen (NICHTS), hat 6 Mio Juden das Leben gekostet
#YouKnowYoureGermanWhen when you put healthy into psychiatry & mentally handicapped as ministers & judges
#youknowyouregermanwhen es dir egal ist dass in der #Türkei zigtausende mit Chemikalien aus Wasserwerfern vergast werden! Hauptsache Shopping!

more to come soon or never :-)

friends, please, please, please WAKE UP and start creating a better world, will you?

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