Saturday, June 29, 2013

scholl-latour on 9/11, afghanistan, bundeswehr ...

addendum 16.08.2014: R.I.P, dear Peter Roman Scholl-Latour ... we will miss you
well, i just spent some time on youtube listening to one of the very few german famous AND independent + trustworthy journalists, the middle-east expert peter scholl-latour who exposes the western lies used to cover the deadly interests in the middle east ...

"why came the german army, the bundeswehr, to afghanistan?", asked the afghan attendee of that TV discussion. well, the german government speaker just repeats the illogical nonsense mainstream media broadcasts all over the globe, peter scholl-latour exposes the lies around 9/11 (btw, even in the official version it was not done by afghan forces, was it?), about the role of NATO, about the consequences (3 minutes)

scholl-latour about the role of saudi-arabia & UAE + qatar in the conflict (1 minute)

peter gauweiler (a successful bavarian politician and for sure no puppet of the system, a very gifted speaker +  fighter for fairness & peace) and scholl-latour (speaks much to silent from minute 6 to 9 in that 10 minutes video

the last video for today, just to show you the difference how free people + real movers speak (scholl-latur and erös) and on the other hand the government / NATO paid public relations people ... omg ... (10 minutes)

anything else? coming soon or never ...

ok, here is my save the world link library :o)

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