Saturday, June 29, 2013

refugee hunger strike

addendum november 24th, 2014: new refugee hunger strike in munich at the sendlinger tor platz started today. it is ice cold outside now and there will probably freeze in the night ... what if we stopped our imperialistic wars and exploitation and all the refugees could stay live happily in their own countries?
addendum november 2013: new refugee protest in munich, more information here

addendum june 30th, 2013: refugee hunger strike camp destroyed by police force ... PICTURES on flickr .... yes, germany is no state under the rule of law for quite a long period of time, but it is always interesting to see it in day to day life ... anyway, at least no one died and the refugees still can do a lot good for themselves, for their beloved ones and for the planet later in their lives ... 
i'm going to visit the refugee camp in the heart of munich today (~ hungerstreik am rindermarkt), where refugees protest via hunger strike since few days against the inhuman conditions for them in bavaria and their right to stay in germany .... let's help with some solidarity, money, water, umbrella (it rains so often in munich these days), etc ...

no one is illegal
people + media in front of the camp watching, discussing politics and this sad issue ... unfortunately, there were also many #nazis out there, mostly elderly men with zero tolerance for others ... even an old old old sudedendeutscher guy. damn, wasn't he been a refugee few decades ago himself, who was allowed to stay here in munich then? so sad again ... btw, sudedendeutsche are folks of german origin from my native czechoslovakia like my beloved grandmother R.I.P. after WWII were 3 or 4 millions of them forced to leave czechoslovakia, transported like cattle in waggons to germany (mostly bavaria), many many killed on the road)
the statement of the protesters (just use the zoom function of your browser or read here)

well, i didn't forget my beginning in munich 25 years ago living in 4 or 5 refugee camps for the first 1.5 years  ...  in the worst of them we have been 100 to 200 people in one huge hall, no kitchen (only many hotplates + so many smells all around), no showers (only wash hand basin in the toilet), ... noises of radios, washing machines, old refrigerators and the like all around people snoring, weeping, crying, drinking, f*cking, suffering next to your metal bunk bed ... and no hope on top ... unfortunately, the conditions for the refugees didn't change much since then :-(

here is the website of that sad 'event' ... help if you can in this single situation in the short term and yes, let's change the conditions in the 3rd world, especially let's stop bombing them + let's stop robbing them, so they can survive and stay happy in their home lands IMMEDIATELY, my dears ... will ya?

friends, that is MY HOPE:
source: here

the real rEVOLution is the evolution of consciousness as the picture above shows ya, so stop sleeping + wake up + let's change the world NOW :-)

OccupyWallStreet + OccupyWarStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether = RealDemocracyNow

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TV snapshot: jaro goes tagesthemen at prime time, omg. watch out my dears, tagesthemen is mainstream media :-)

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