Sunday, June 30, 2013

jacque fresco ~ resource based economy instead of monetary based

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what a great mind, what a visionaire + philanthropist, JACQUE FRESCO. well, i've presented jacque and his venus project in my save the world link library some time ago (two short introduction videos), here are some additional ideas about a possible society of the future ... and the current difficulties on the way there ...

you will find out more about jacque fresco and the venus project at its website, let's show you just few of his designs

but let's listen to this so interesting 11 minutes video first ... and yes, i knew it: our monetary system destroys the planet. what we need is a resource (and demand?) based economy where the resources belong to all and where there is no army, no police, no prisons (not needed, because people who have access to the necessities of life don't steal), .... what we will have is  a society which preserves all life on earth :-)

source: here
... more insights coming soon or never :-)
13.03.1916 - 18.05.2017 ~ RIP jacque fresco

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