Sunday, March 23, 2014

estas tonne

folks, i listen to the guitar music of this guy since a week or more ... it sounds so (familiar and) medieval to me i still like it a lot either as background noise to everything i do or for meditation ... great ... and yes, in order not to lose it among my 900+ youtube favorites, let's save it as a blog post for an easy + fast access ...

there is not much about estas tonne on the internet and no wikipedia entry either ... he was born in st. petersburg in former soviet union (USSR, UdSSR) and visited a music school there ... i'm not sure about his nationality, maybe one of the 3 baltic nations? who knows? and yes, he lives abroad for years  (currently  in usa?, uk?)

enjoy no #1 (9 minutes, street art in landshut)

enjoy no #2 (1 hour + 4 minutes, full album)

enjoy #3 (1 hour + 8 minutes, full album)
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well, the is not much on his website either, but it will probably grow soon:


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