Sunday, March 23, 2014

humans were here :-(

humans were here (at the railway property in munich neuaubing ... so sad ... why do we destroy our own environment so ruthlessly ... and our climate as well?

source here
in münchen-neuaubing:
and the 'mother' nature is sooo beautiful ...
... even in münchen-neuaubing

well, i thing what to do about this waste heaps out there ... hmmm, it is too far from our houses, so there will be probably no citizen initiative possible to clean it up some day. well, i will maybe write to german railway, it is their property anyway ... and yes, if there were recycle bins out there, the (most) people would throw their rubbish into them .. but there are none because it is probably to expensive to empty them regularly ...

what about another part in western munich, laim? what do you think?

not any better, my dears ... we humans are so stupid ;-(

but there are also good examples for good human behaviour, like this ones: the right way

more coming soon (especially if i'll get some answer from the railway folks) or never ...

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