Monday, March 3, 2014

otpor (resistance) ~ western financed revolutions

otpor aka resistance ... western backed + financed revolutions & destabilizations ...

the beginning of violence free system changes was in serbia
source of picture + information: wikipedia

for few of today's issues see the room names, so sad ...

(source: here : As Ukraine falls to the control of fascist forces funded by the Anglo-American powers and the world watches with bated breath for the Russian response, a similar sequence of events is currently taking place inside the South American country of Venezuela. ...)

more on western financed 'revolutions' by the theory of gene sharp: from dictatorship to democracy ... the training centre is belgrade, serbia via the otpor network (canvas) ... this youtube picture does not show andrij parubi (parubij, porubij, parubiy), the maidan-commander from kiev, ukraine 2014 ... does it? 

so pity the occupy movement hasn't have that knowledge in 2011 / 2012 ... damn, occupy was against people like the money-givers for this kind of rebellion ... so we of course didn't have the money + powers to compete at that time ... well, maybe next time :-)

hi friends, i'm still researching on the issue, so maybe there will be an update soon ... but yes, i'm so sorry for the poor victims of western powers like afghanistan, iraq, libya, syria, somalia, ukraina, venezuela ... why do we western nations who have EVERYTHING cause so much suffering to nations who have so little?

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