Thursday, March 27, 2014

search minerals (TSX-V:SMY)

a nice investor evening with search minerals in munich ...
 hotel kempinski vier jahreszeiten

this micro-cap company produces tin (= zinn) in brazil, intends to increase that production and make it profitable and also to produce tungsten (=wolfram) soon ...

it was a interesting presentation by company's CEO stephen keith about the tin + tungsten markets, brazil, company's goals, next steps ... what do you think: if the only picture in the meeting room shows a bull. what do you think, is it a good or a bad omen? :-)

if you asked me, there is still a looong way to go:
  • just $5m market cap, intends to collect 410m via private financing
  • trading halted 
  • website really outdated: there is nothing about the recently acquired tin mine + tin / tungsten projects in brazil yet. the website is about their REE (rare earths) exploration projects in canada only owned by its wholy-owned subsidiary alterra resources ... btw, there are few alterra shares in my portfolio, but it is the struggling green energy producer alterra power (TSX: AXY), my dears 
  • high chance + high risk investment
  • etc
my conclusion? search minerals is a binary option: all or nothing :-)
more coming soon or never :-)

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