Saturday, March 22, 2014

#22M .... aka #OccupyMadrid

rEVOLution in madrid? finally ... marchas por la dignidad #22M is a march for human dignity, against austerity measures, the trioka and cuts in social budget ~ madrid, spain 22M (march, 22nd, 2014) ~ omg, are really 2 million people out there? that's the revival of our occupy movement, my dears :-)
people marching in a 'march for human dignity' to madrid, source here
madrid, #22M, source here 

later at evening, source here
next huge protest (who knows this city? #22M, source here

and here are pictures from the support action in munich, which was organised by the spanisch friends and supported by our OccupyMunich / EDJM group
 some speaches, spanish + german

... more picuteres here

and yes, let's look back to the 2011 + 2012 occupy movement ... and let's look further to our next action, assamblea on april, 5th, 2014 ... we start at 2 p.m. at sendlinger tor

source of the picture + more information HERE

#occupy #22M 22M #OccupyMadrid #OWS #occupysendlingertor #EDJM

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