Sunday, August 17, 2014


our next stop? southampton ... well, you have to go deep into eastern europe in order to see a city so run-down as southampton => feeling like at home :-)

even at the sea-side the are almost no cafes, restaurants, no promenade for pedestrians ... just huge parking places in front of the ferries, traffic roads and much much empty space in superior location ... and what about the titanic, which left southampton for its first and final trip? you will not find any titanic ship / museum / model in the harbour ... just a titanic pub which we've found by accident and where i've had few beers with quite old local folks :-)

but anyway, we liked the remaining historic sites of southampton a lot: the survived parts of the medieval city walls, old city gates, few nice houses, the ruin of the church tower in the middle of the main street from arundel tower (arundel gate?) to the harbour ,,,

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and yes, in southhamton we have had our most expensive accommodation in south england. probably because there are not many folks travelling there and thus there is not much supply and demand ... and no real competition (all hotels we have seen on the internet were similar expensive ~ 120 pounds per night without breakfast)

few pictures
sea-side ... no additional comment needed, are they?
part of medieval city walls
what a nice old gate ...
palm trees in south-ampton
ferry to the isle of wight
ok :-)
titanic pub
more pictures

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