Friday, August 15, 2014


there is a famous castle, isn't there? well, we came to the ticket office at 4:15 pm and yes, it closed at 4 pm. wtf? well, we have seen the castle walls from outside, the small town as well and had a nice coffee break at the river thames, ... maybe we can see it some other time or never, who knows? it is not far away from our former stop london, but it is not on our stuff-to-see-list any longer ....

few pictures

 windsor castle

 queen victoria in front of the castle
 queen victoria in my pocket ~ 1873 ~ one pound then equals 196 pounds today ... what will be today's pound be worth in 141 years? let's take a bet: almost ZERO :-)
 in the city of windsor
 the main street
 car? boat? both? go amphibious vehicles, go :-)
no black swans in river thames today

more pictures here

our next stop? stonehenge ...

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