Saturday, August 16, 2014


after we have missed the entry to the windsor castle 2 days ago, we have decided to spent a lot of time in (the cathedral of) salisbury in order to satisfy our 'old england' cliche (london, ...).

our nicest memories of salisbury? the concert of phat bollard in the pedestrian zone as we sat there for lunch. even if i couldn't understand all of their lyrics i had the feeling that their music and their intention is about waking people up and move them from consumerism and obedience into a nice world of love, sharing and self-responsibility ... like #OccupyWallStreet two years ago => #OccupyAllStreets + #OccupyTogether and yes, the great CDs from phat bollard can bring the south england feeling to our living room in munich / germany any time we want to :-)
phat bollard

more pictues here

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