Saturday, August 16, 2014


our next stop after london + windsor were the old, old stones of stonehenge ... 4,500 years old, they say ... well, everyone we spoke to about stonehenge told us we will be disappointed, so we didn't expect much and were not disappointed ... we even really liked the 30 minutes walk (instead of using the cars to the visitor centre) on the way back beside old (celtic?) graves and through the fields and forest ... but the best about stonehenge was our accommodations some 10 miles away. a small inn with only 4 tourist rooms and a pub from 16th century ...

few pictures

 barford inn, our beautiful + romantic stay close to stonehenge
... barford inn's XVI century pub
TRUE, of course
stones ...
... stones @ #stonehenge

we preferred to walk back to the visitor centre instead a train-car transfer
let's bring there 1 more stone :-)
old, old graves

next stop after stonehedge? salisbury

lessons learned? never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life :-)
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