Saturday, March 21, 2015

good luck, vladimir putin ...

why does the west hate putin that much? it is easy to guess - mostly because he stopped the robbery of russian natural resources by the russian oligarchs and western concerns ... because he opposes western imperialistic wars (syria, ukraine) .... because he made russia a strong and proud country again ... => enjoy few pictures and videos :-)

yes, i've found the youtube video (video #2 below) which tells how putin stopped chodorkowski (khodorkovsky) and his yukos oil company's fraud, russia got 80 times more taxes out of yukos' business ... folks, it is 8.000% more than before. similar issue on sachalin island ~ russian people freezing in their homes while sachalin exports millions tons of oil and PAYS shell for production (see video #2 below => in part 2/4, starting at minute 6:43). i think this story demonstrates the change in russia from yeltsin to putin best :-) ... and yes, the 3rd world still has the pre-putin-agreements  with the west (nigeria, angola, somalia, ...)
the goal of obama's administration? europe + russia should suffer (in sanctions & war) in order to rescue america
good-bye monsanto ... GMO, go home
only china + russia fight against western imperialism?
will russia stop NATO + u.s. militarism in ukraine?
can putin / russia even stop the u.s. army's world tour soon? i hope yes, even if it will be not easy ...
of course, putin has not only friends in the world .. a femen protester
video #1 putin vs. obama (funny)

video #2 (putin 1/4, the first 3 minutes tell you the basics of the foreign robbery on russia which was stopped by putin)

video #3 (1 hour 41 minutes, the rise and fall of russian oligarchs ... btw, my native czechoslovakia was privatised the same way: millions of dollars for very few, nothing for the rest):

video #4 (15 minutes, 08/2016) about strategic balance of military powers in the world

good luck, dear vladimir vladimirovich putin and yes, please save the world ...

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