Wednesday, March 11, 2015

pershimco resources = gold + copper from panama

pershimco resources ~ canadian gold-copper explorer focused on panama ~ interesting presentation by CEO alain bureau in munich today 

  • open pit gold project CERRO QUEMA located on the Azuero Peninsula in Southwestern Panama
  • high management + institutional ownership
  • additional project financing in 2015 needed
  • planned start of production: end of 2016, planned AISC: $631 per ounce
  • additional copper-gold project (its early development should be funded out of cash flow from CERRO QUEMA)
  • well, let's apply for company's newsletter and take some time to consider an investment but yes, more than anything else is the turn-over in the gold/silver/commodity markets and much, much higher gold/silver/copper prices needed, isn't it?

anything else? coming soon or never :-)
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