Saturday, March 14, 2015

berwang + bichlbach

skiing with the best of all wives ~ well, me skiing, she walking around + relaxing close to the heaven :-)

ski area berwang, bichlbach, rinnen, almkopf (almkopfbahn) is located in the berwanger tal (berwanger valley) close to ehrwald + lermoos and is in the shadow of zugspitze (2963m) in tirol / austria, but they call it zugspitzarena anyway :-)

sniff, sniff, dear bear :-)
best of all wives
berwanger tal
good-bye ski area berwang / bichlbach (part of the zugspitz arena)
back in germany, garmisch-partenkirchen
flößerstubn in GaPa, a great idea for hungry money savers ~ huuuge portions and really, really good food for fair price
more pictures here
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