Monday, September 14, 2015

pilgrim place - monastery jasna gora in czestochowa (PL)

at our 3-day trip home from wedding back to germany we have visited the most important polish pilgrim place - monastery jasna gora in czestochowa (PL)

it is a really interesting place with lot of positive energy, for poles a holy one ....
main entry gate to monastery
main entry gate to the church inside the monastery
john paul II, the polish pope
copy of the holy icon of black madonna ... (brings luck)
brought 1382 from russia

3 devils (germany, austria, russia) ... poland was divided and allocated to germany, austria + russia few hundred years ago, you know?
this is the 2nd interesting site in czenstochowa, we have seen and where we could fill-up our water bottles with holy (or healthy?) water :-)
more pictures here
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