Sunday, September 27, 2015

vsetin CZ ~ wsetin, settein

next stop on my eastern europe trip? vsetin (wsetin, settein, setteinz) in eastern czech republic :-=)

this small sleepy city used to play ice-hockey very well few years ago. they have won the czech league 6 times between 1995 - 2001 as jiri dopita from nearby sumperk played for its HC petra vsetin team.
strange clouds awaited me in vsetin
city centre
let's walk over the river up to the hill with 2 or 3 churches + the vsetin castle
the castle:
back to the centre: a war victims memorial
heading for bratislava (slovakia) i've made a loooong break for non-alcoholic beer and a bath in a cooold lake (we have end of september, my dears). it was probably close to ostrozska nova ves, i think
brewery cerna hora (black mountain aka montenegro) 1530 vs. 1298, find the mistake :-) 232?

more pictures here
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