Thursday, September 17, 2015

castle karlstejn (karlstein) ~ czech republic ~ CZ

our last stop on our way back from wedding in poland was the castle karlstejn (karlstein), founded by the roman emperor charles IV (karl IV) in 1348. btw, our journey started in marienbad (czech republic) and we have had few nice stops in the last 2 weeks. karlstejn combined history (castle) + nature (swimming in the berounka river)

 castle karlstejn

the karlstejn village
romantic hotel mlyn (hotel mill):
this was our room BEFORE we came in :-)
... at the berounka river
there were donkeys, camels, goats ... nice :-)
the police station in karlstejn
swimming in berounka river ~ i couldn't catch a fish but a lot of waste ;-(
adios, czech republic
more pictures here
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