Friday, September 11, 2015

lodz - lodsch - litzmannstadt

walking through the history in lodz - lodsch - litzmannstadt ... 

few pictures + insights:
 the new textile outlet paradise ptak in southern lodz
 old paper + textile world (former izrael kalmanowicz poznanski's factory) ...
... today's popular shopping centre manufaktura
the poznanski palace
the 3 biggest former industry tycoons of lodz: Grohman, Scheibler and Poznański ~ source wikipedia
the oldest church (maiden mary curch)
 entering jewish history in a cafe & museum in the area of former litzmannstadt ghetto
as you see, i liked that place (and the waitress) at plac koscielny no. 5
s there any alternative to the idea of killing each other? i hope yes ... what about sharing and helping each other? ... anyway, the source of the picture is unknown. i think i've found it in some OccupyWallStreet group on facebook, but i'm not sure :-)

more pictures here
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