Saturday, December 14, 2013

munich's christmas markets ~ hot wine punch season opened :-)

there are many reasons why i like munich so much, its many beautiful christmas markets are one of them. please do not think it is because of the hot wine punch only :)
and yes, i'm visiting at least 2 more christmas markets next week, so i will probably upload 3 or 4 more pictures thereafter ...
christkindlmarkt rindermarkt
christkindlmarkt tollwood
 christkindlmarkt weißenburger platz
 medieval christkindlmarkt wittelsbacher platz

 good night, the medieval city will close its gates soon :)
 christkindlmarkt residenz
 christkindlmarkt marienplatz
 christkindlmarkt rathaus (town hall inner yard)
christkindlmarkt pasing, the sleepy one :-)
 chairs, chairs, chairs at #schwabinger christkindlmarkt this year
next xmas market in munich, inside the old city gate isartor, world's largest flaming punch bowl, cheers :-)
first mentioned in 1337
more pictures: g+ album

xmas market, christkindlmarkt, weihnachtsmarkt, eof
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