Saturday, January 17, 2009

craaaazy silver +6.31% yesterday

folks, foks, folks!

are the financial markets completely crazy or just the people acting there? do YOU have an answer? me not :o((.
my guess: this crazy volatility (e.g. 6% up, 10% down, again 4% up :) reflects the PURE FEAR + PANIC OUT THERE !!!

silver +6.31%
gold +2.98%
corn +6.85%
oil -1.51%
DJIA +0.84%
S&P500 +0.76%
nasdaq100 + 1.24%

what about my posititions? well, after my lovely, pretty, bonny silver was stopped out a week ago @ 11.06 (and fell later to 10.55 and is $11.28 now ;o(), i had no silver-CFDs to profit from yesterday's huge increase. nevertheless i have to use stop limits in my CFD account, because all positions where i had stops like silver, sugar, coffee were stopped out after nice profits and just the 2 without stop limits (natural gas + orange juice) lost money, so i had not enough margin coverage on my account to re-enter some of my winning positions ...
=> CONCLUSION: my mistake was not to place stop limit orders for silver + coffee + sugar, but not having stops for gas + o-juice !!!!!

my remaining positions:

henry hub natural gas -1.23%
orange juice +1.27%
my commodity stocks i.e. real shares, not CFDs! why? i wanna own parts of some wonderful companies and not just CFD-paper rallied thx to silver & gold & mr. market today: +4.91%
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