Friday, January 23, 2009

my portfolio is up +4.94% today :o)

gold + silver rallied today (about +5%), so did my portfolio :-)). what a nice correlation, isn't it?

the general stock market didn't move much: DJIA -0.56%, s&p +0.54%

what about the banks/financial sector? well, i've found some funny thoughts of bill bonner in his today's daily reckoning, so read + enjoy:

Bankers don’t make loans in the hopes of getting ‘good citizenship’ awards. They lend money when they think they can make a buck. The remarkable thing is that thay're so bad at it. They lent recklessly when there was little hope of getting their money back. Now, with the widest spreads in history – the difference between their cost of money and their return on it it’s easier to rob a bank than get a loan from one. There are two explanations for this anomaly – both of them wrong... :o))

Among the queerest financial stories of the last week was the proposal to create a ‘bad bank.’ It hardly seemed necessary. There were already dozens of them. The idea is to transfer all the sins of the bubble era to the ‘bad bank’ – funded with public money. Then, the bad bank will be crucified so that the rest of us can have life, and have it more abundantly ...
But if the ‘bad bank’ idea could work, why not create a super baaaddd bank? We could use it to get rid of all our mistakes. Writers could unload their bad novels. Businessmen could sweep their errors under its broad carpet. What the heck, let people get out of bad marriages without penalty; the super baaaddd bank could pay the alimony and divorce costs.

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