Tuesday, January 27, 2009

siemens: annual shareholders meeting

folks, i've visited the annual shareholders meeting @ siemens today, so i could improve my dividend from the culinary perspective a little :o). well, the food wasn't bad and i drunk a lot of coffee too, so it wasn't bad there :-). as siemens is heavily involved in the infrastructure business i was really curious about their perspective at the current economic + financial crisis. i believe they will probably profit in some way in increased volume in (government sponsored?) projects concerning energy efficiency, energy generation, worldwide CO2 goals, etc. ... who knows?

was the event worth the day off in my office? it's hard to say, i could imagine also a nicer holiday, but i've met a former siemens-colleague there and i still have many overtime hours, let's take them off till it is allowed and let's's join also the annual meetings of my remaining munich-based companies bmw, linde, man + allianz! do you still remember my primary motivation for purchase of all these companies? no? pls look-up here (see 12/04/2008).

the main topics @ shareholders' meeting?
siemens corruption affairs, infrastructure investments, financial crisis, constant dividend, optimistic outlook for 2009, business with iran, salaries of directors, renewable & nuclear energy (yep, siemens privides both), ...
... the 2011 event
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