Monday, January 12, 2009

natural gas long $5.60

new trial ... and pls don't get confused about the day of week (=sunday)! it is already monday in germany :-))

item--------------: natural gas
units--------------: 1
trade type--------: long
order type--------: market buy
entry date--------: 01/12/2009, 01:31
entry price-------: 5.60
initial stop loss--: none! i hope my account is big enough to 'survive' a small decrease in that position! gas cannot fall to zero, can it?
new stop-loss----:
exit date---------:
exit price---------:
profit (loss) in %-:
profit (loss)------:
reason why + strategy: natural gas is in my opinion so unbelievable cheap! and the cold winter months are already here! and russia stopped its gas delivery to many european countries as it cannot find an agreement with ukraine about the gas price for ukraine's consumers (+ about the pipeline commissions?). damned hell, do i really need some other reason for that trade? no, i do not! let's bet some money on my opinion, ok?
lessons learned: ...
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