Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wall street didn't like barrack ...

today was the 1st day for barrack hussein obama as the new u.s. president ... wall street's reaction?

DJIA -4,01%
S&P500 -5,28%
nasdaq100 -5,14%

the sharp decline in S&P500 was again 'led' by the financial sector:

(soon?) bank-rupt banks (click 1x on the picture :o)

well, the wall street probably likes republicans more, but history teach us that stocks perform better 'under' an democrat president ... IMHO there is nobody worse than ruinator george w. bush !!! let's hope the economy will recover again soon :o))

good luck, barrack!

cold comfort: gold +2.51% and my gold/silver/energy portfolio +1.91%

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