Saturday, May 7, 2011

munich re ~ AGM few days ago

company headquarters ~ inside the building-complex

most interesting insight? they dont have to worry abt the nuclear disaster in fukushima too much! from the financial perspective only, just the earthquake + tsunami is an issue for the insurance businesses. why? well, the is no sufficient 3rd party liability insurance for the nuke industry needed ~ the stupid taxpayer carries all risk existing 

folks, lets #gogreen, lets switch 2 green energy providers (btw, it isnt expensive anymore), lets vote for better politics and better governments, dont allow our corrupt governments 2 destroy our future (both financial and ecological future, of course!), lets protest + lets change the world, it isnt too late yet, i hope ...

btw, there was a AGM a year ago as well: 
  • 2010 ~ wanna read that? really? well, you have to scroll a little bit down to the end of my article, will u? here we go :-)
  • ... and 2009 ...
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