Friday, May 6, 2011

commodity conference

5 companies presented themselves at the cm-equity commodity conference in munich's best place 'hotel bayerischer hof' 2night:

  • corex gold ~ gold in mexico
  • adriot resources ~ antimony in italy ~ im invested here since few weeks
  • lion one gold - gold in fiji
  • westminster resources ~ copper, gold, silver in mexico
  • western potash ~ potash in canada ~ im invested here since few years

then there were 2 quite interesting 'overview' presentations abt exploration/mining basics (similar 2 my former blog posts uno & dos) and abt a chart supported wake-up call 2 buy physical gold/silver esp. for folks who dont have any (similar 2 my former blog post tres ... btw, that ratio fell to 8 recently :-)

what abt pictures + more insights? ... coming soon ... here we go :-)

some tasty snacks and time to speak to other investors, gold bugs and the like ...

a nice place over there, isnt it?

folks, im too tired + too lazy in order 2 write anything, so just move 2 host's website and enjoy the fact that on sept 28, 2011 there will be the next such commodity conference ...
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