Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lech walesa

i have met a great visionary 2day :)

former polish revolutionary leader of the movement solidarity / solidarnosc (which started in stettin / szczecin in 1980) and later polish president lech walesa hold a speach in the emperor's hall of  munich's residenz, the place where bavarian kings lived for thousands of years ...

lets share few notes, so u can create your own ideas abt the highly interesting evening ;-):
  • faith, visions, freedom, solidarity, revolution, great sense of humor, nobel prize for peace
  • the polish pope john paul ll was a major hope for poland and a force which has brought millions of polish people together and actually enabled the revolution ... 
  • soviet union, communist party ... radish-like communists in eastern europe (only from outside red ;-) ... 
  • helmut kohl, hans-dietrich gentscher, berlin wall, mikhail gorbachev ... btw all 'professional' politicians and other leaders/kings (both western and eastern) didnt believe the system change is possible/probable, theyve just rational counted the number of tanks, soldiers, rockets etc and compared that to walesa's vision of change ... thx goodness, all of them were wrong!!! even the so lauded gorbachev told german politicians only 1 month before the berlin wall has fallen forever, that they can start talking abt 'the wall' in 100 years. how wrong was he, my dear!
  • egypt +  tunisia + arabic poverty & social disparity driven revolutions
  • great chance 4 freedom + peaceful development in our generation without state boarders, badly needed consumers instead of enemies (a new era, isnt it?), globalization ... 
  • grotesque western democracy, politicians led/driven not by visions but by television ... 
  • common values, united europe led by germany (btw, in germany there isnt a single person who whould publicly speak abt leadership or even think abt stuff like that! at least ive never heard abt person/leader like that cos the hitler era collective guilt feeling/believes last still to heavily over germany!)
  • even in western world there is soo much to do (so many jobs meanigful) like eg better multi-layer roads without crossroads and without traffic jams etc
  • dont mix politics with religion, ...
  • horrible classical music + yummy finger food + drinks ....
what abt my own resume? let's dream how the WORLD COULD LOOK LIKE and let's make that vision true. if people united cannot be defeated :-)

.... and much much more .... comimg soon or never ...

folks, pls don't worry abt my pictures quality, an other guest promised to send me few of his pictures which i will prolly post later on :-)
here we go! lets switch 2 high quality pictures now (source/copyright by robert stefaniakmay 19th 2011, residence munich)
#5 (there was some music as well :-)
#6 (giving advice 2 homo sapiens (via polish-german interpreters as well) how to create a better, free, peaceful, prosperous, fair, SOLIDARY WORLD!)

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