Monday, May 16, 2011

altona mining + cap-ex ventures

a combined investor lunch event 2day => altona mining + cap-ex ventures

  • my well known copper play
  • great progress in finland ... btw, yesterday won the finnish ice-hockey team the world championship in slovakia (bratislava + my birth city kosice) against their archrival sweden by astonishing 6 : 1
  • great progress in australia dito
  • well financed ... of course, ive increased my holdings in altona's recent capital raising action few weeks ago ... unfortunately, the current market correction drove the share price below my purchase price :-(
  • anything special 2 mention? well, the CEO alistair cowdem seems to be serious abt what he talks as the company reaches one milestone after another => lets lean back and (with a little patience) lets enjoy the many-bagger future of that investment ;o)
  • ...
  • iron ore in quebec / canada
  • labrador trough ~ iron ore belt which stands for 99% of canadian iron ore production
  • 'plan nord' ~ development of infrastructure by quebec's government
  • very early stage projects
  • ...

anything else? coming soon or never :-)

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jaro gruber said...

well, ive opened a pilot position in cap-ex in november 2011 at CAD 0.81 ... hell, why not 5-6 weeks earlier at CAD 0.25 ???