Monday, May 30, 2011

no nukes! demo against nuclear power

demo at königsplatz (king's square) in munich on saturday
after the fukushima disaster its easier to get people 2gether 2 demonstrate against nuclear power in munich and elsewhere ... why do we folks need a catastrophe 1st in order 2 start thinking? hmmmm, thats saaad ...

well, i came approx 1 hour later after the demo begun, but there was still a lot of anti-nuclear-energy out there and i could say NO 2 NUKES, donate some money, enjoy good music and walk through the streets and parks at my old university buildings complex ... OMG, i havent been there for years :-)

wanna see few more pictures from the demo + from my walk through the streets of munich afterwards? well, just visit my picasa album, here we go ~ enjoy + switch 2 green power supplier asap :-)

btw, wanna read abt the last anti-nukes-demo i have attended ... and there was 1 more protest in munich in between, so its already inflationary, isnt it? anyway, lets stop the nuclear danger ... fukushima ;-(


Andy said...

it's so great. I never saw a great article like this before. thanks for letting me know.

jaro gruber said...

thx, andy ;-)