Sunday, May 8, 2011

rare earths (REE) madness

folks, now i start 2 understand all that REE craziness out there! wanna see the recent price developments? (source: the latest lynas corp quarterly report):
Rare Earths supply constraints has further impacted Rare Earths prices. The average quarterly price for the Mount Weld Rare Earths distribution, on Freight on Board (FOB) China basis, increased to US$ 92.84/kg REO, which is an increase of over 49% across the quarter. Prices continue to increase post quarter end and as at 27 April 2011, the average price for the Mount Weld Rare Earths composition was US$ 160.32/kg on a FOB China basis. 160.32/kg on a FOB China basis.  
damned hell! the madness lasts for quite some time now, isnt it? just imagine, the price of lynas' REO composition increased from $13.13 to $160.32 in only 13 months --- what the heck is going on? all of that only because china cornered the REE market (via price dumping and thus destroying almost all foreign production) some time ago?

my REE fighters (rare earth elements):
  • commerce resources - canada
  • quantum rare earth - usa
  • aurizon mines - canada
  • zimtu capital - canada
  • talon metals - canada
  • arafura resources - australia
  • lynas corp - australia
go commodities go!
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