Saturday, May 7, 2011

allianz ~ next year is over!

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how did i recognized that bombastic news? well, i have attended next allianz AGM last week ... it is as easy as that 

most interesting insights? 

#1: unlike their headquarters neighbors and insurance buddies munich re, allianz managed to stay profitable in Q1 2011. crazy, isnt it? there were sooo many natural disasters recently 

#2: their thin pimco subsidiary generated profit of €1.6b out of a total of €5.2b ... great, isnt it? what did the pimco guys so well? well, they didnt buy u.s. government bonds any longer but sell them! lets hope allianz will go short european bond market BEFORE it collapses completely .... 

btw, are there any additional AGMs in munich scheduled? yep, may 12 ... 3 companies on 1 day (bmw, linde, ludwig beck) ... gonna visit the last one of them cos ive never been there and its completely strange out of my portfolio 

there were some allianz AGMs in the past as well:
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